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Top 5 features to get you up and running with

Welcome to and great grades and learning techniques await. Here are the top 5 features to get you up and running with

Flashcards – 🎴 

Get creating a wide rand of flash cards. At we don’t just stop at your standard flashcard but bring you a range of flashcard options that we continually look to add to. Here are the current ones you can make.

  • Text Flashcard. Simply write the question on one side and then write the answer on the other

  • Spelling Flashcard. Just add the word you want to practice the spelling. We will auto-read 🤖 it aloud in the game area for you to practice.

  • Audio Flashcard. It’s gameshow time. Record the question and write the answer to make your own mini-gameshow.

  • Photos. Got your own media just snap or upload it to create a visual flashcard.

  • Web Images. You get access to a high-quality image library to help create a great-looking visual flashcard.

We have you covered be it your audio or visual learner there is a flashcard option just for you.


Games –👾

Now you have built your flashcards it’s time to gamify your revision and get top marks. You can test yourself on individual lessons or tests across the whole class or even classes! Our current game options are:

  • Card Quiz. Play through the classes and lessons and try to get a 100% score and ensure you have mastered the topic.

  • Mock Test. Create your very own mock test by selecting a random selection of flashcards from your lessons and class.

  • Speak Game. Don’t want to type your answer then this is for you. You can speak your answer and check that your pronunciation is understandable to the machine.


Recording – 🎙️

Paying attention to the lesson is vital and if you find taking notes a distraction then no problem you can record your lesson and focus on the here and now. Then relisten to the class and break out your notes and flashcards.


Boards – 📓

Your go-to notebook for your lessons. Write notes and links for further reading and keep your class material well organized with the help of


And Share.. 🙂

And don’t forget you can share your classes with anyone so you can benefit from testing your skills with others.

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