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Text Flashcards

The bread and butter of learning. Text Flashcards.Write any question on the front of the card and write the answer on the back. Once created you can then test yourself to ensure you have mastered the subject.

Writing text flashcard help with the revision process.

Now we really recommend that you write your own flashcards. We have a share feature but there isn’t anything better to start mastering the subject by thinking about how the question should be formed and the answer to be given. By doing this you are going a long way in making sure you have the best habits of a top student.

Lots of revision games and more to come

Text flashcards are our favourite as it enables us to make lots of type of revision games on top of them. Currently, we have:

Card quiz: Test all the flashcards in a given lesson, classes or classes. (Be careful this can be a marathon if you choose too many!) Mainly card quiz is to be used on a single or couple of lessons to ensure your understanding of that lesson is well developed.

Mock Test: Select how many flashcards you want to be tested and the range of classes and lessons. will then randomly pick them for you, giving you a mock test experience. Perfect for exam prep or checking that you really have everything mastered a few months later.

Speak Game: (Really need to change the title on this one!) But if you don’t want to type everything then use this game to speak to us and we will write it for you! This is great in foreign language study, if the computer can understand you then your pronunciation can’t be that bad!

….and many more to come!

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