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Spelling Flashcards

Welcome to the new feature of Spelling flashcard. Its a fully automated speech card.

We read your spelling for you so you don’t have to. Cutting down creation time and getting you into Revisions games quickly. 

Why Spelling Cards

Well in this case I was helping my son with his spelling and having to do audio records of the word and fill in the word on the other side. This was very time consuming and also made it hard for him to do it by him self. (also some of the words are very tricky to say!)So we created spelling cards so now its easy to create them and revise from them.


Phone Inputs and their impact on revising spellings

You have so many option here with keyboards that they can help you with your spelling. Firstly if your looking to just getting to grips and repeating and recognizing the word leave all the auto correct on the keyboard. This has the effect of repeat typing the word and knowing you know the word enough to type it with help. But as you want to challenge your self and get ready for tests then you can simple take these features off the keyboard. We use two keyboard setting on devices to easy flip between them.


Automated Text Reading

We are currently using the google speech api to power this feature. Its great and really great for some core languages. We cover a full list of languages and even have the dialects of them. It’s fun to do the test in Australian, American, Queen and Indian English so you can be ready for anything!

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