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Best Note Taking App

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a compact note-taking tool always on you with no need to carry around useless notebooks and pens? Or what about those times when you wished you could make your notes more personalised? Well, brace yourself: is finally ready to revolutionise the way you take notes!

Wherever you are and whenever you need it: can help you note down notions in class, summarise the content from a book, highlight the main concepts from a conference. Make sure you use our app in any occasion!


Best Note Taking App For Studying is basically an all-in-one tool that you can use in order to record audio, create cool flashcards to help your memory, take down useful notes to summarise any concept and play games to stimulate your memory!

Recording can help you avoid to focus on what the lecturer is explaining in class in order to have a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Taking notes is a great way to re-elaborate a notion that was explained to you in your own personal way.

Make sure you have as many sets of flashcards as you need and use our in-app picture searching picture in order to personalise your cards.

Finally, do not forget to play and have fun in our Game Arena. In this way your brain will manage to transfer all the concepts you need to learn from the short-term memory to the long-term one!

Download It Now

Download our flashcard app for the ultimate learning experience!

Try it on a tablet – has been coded in a way to work perfectly on any tablet on the market, give it a try in class!


iOS-friendly – Our team of developers constantly updates the app in order to make it work on iOS devices in the most efficient way possible!

Have you tried it on Android? – Our app works like magic on Android devices, just open the Play Store and be ready to change your way of learning!

MacBook vs PC: no difference! – Thanks to the way it was developed, has no problems of compatibility between Macbooks and PCs!

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