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Recording online with

At any level, students may feel like they are overloaded with classes and homework. Students have to attend different classes every day. Sometimes it is just too hard to absorb all the knowledge from different courses and subjects. 

This is often due to the fact that each student is generally required to take notes while the professor speaks, without actually focusing on the explanation (which is, ironically, the only real reason why being in a class is important). 

Say goodbye to this sort of issues, welcome to! has the best online recording tool to help you understand the course concept and pass the exam!

Nowadays we have plenty of different ways to record lectures, not only in audio format, but even in video. For example, not everyone knows that you can record your PowerPoint presentation: check these great instructions by Mick Cooper. But every medal has two sides and not every professor can allow you to record lesson, make an audio or screen record of a Zoom lesson. Actually, you can do it, if you plan to use it only for yourself, with no public sharing. Anyway, some universities, for example the University of Edinburgh, are beginning to create different policies where they explain rules of recording and usage of recorded material. 

5 Reasons why students need to use recording in class


Focus more on the class

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a complex class with many notions you have never heard of? It is not fair to struggle in order to take down every concept explained by the teacher, do not waste your time in class and focus on understanding the explanation. Use to record the whole lecture!


Save your Classes Forever

Sometimes you need to repeat some topics from past lessons. Thanks to the recording technologies you can store all the lessons you need in audio or video formats: all you need to do is start your lecture recording on your device! Just some tips in order to avoid problems with audio quality: (i) make sure to do your best to limit the background noises, (ii) make sure that your smartphone (or any other device) is charged, (iii) give a right title to your digital lecture: put a date, the class and the main topic on the title of the file and (iv) make sure that the audio recording starts with no issues!


Improve your learning experience

Have you ever noticed how, sometimes, a concept may seem easier to grasp when a good teacher explains it rather than just reading about it in a textbook? aims at enhancing your learning experience by adding audio recordings to the way you study and revise a lecture, the results are guaranteed!


Personalised learning

Sometimes you may find yourself struggling with the understanding of a specific passage of the lecture. Wouldn’t it be a great help to be able to press the replay button and listen carefully to the whole explanation once again? Match this feature with the notes that you took on the app, rewrite the concept using your own words and there you go: will help you learn anything! 


Don’t miss anything

If you record lectures you will have very low possibilities to miss relevant pieces of information or to confuse some of the facts. By using audio recordings, you can be assured that you will have the whole lesson material on you, even the questions about lecture that were asked in class! has one of the greatest features: not only can you use it on your browser, but even download it as a software on your smartphone!

Some recording learning tips from our team


Prepare your kit

The day before going to class, make sure that the device you will use to record is charged. While does not consume a lot of energy on your laptop/smartphone, it is always a good idea to run a check.


Record in real time

While some students may consider it useful to record the whole class, others may feel like they are confident with a part of it and just record the most important explanations, it is really up to you!


Find a good spot to record

Don’t be shy, always try to sit in the front row! Some teachers love walking while explaining, try to sit in a convenient position in order to have a good audio quality in your recording.


Transcribe as soon as possible

Do not be lazy: there is no reason to wait for a long time before transcribing the audio files into great notes. Your short-term memory is a powerful tool, make sure you exploit it!

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