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Study Games

 At some point, we all struggled to learn some new theories during our educational path. Sometimes a concept is too boring, or we simply have other things on our mind and the time that we could dedicate to learning is just not enough.

Similarly, if you are a parent, you may see how your kid sometimes just cannot learn concepts on their own, or rush through their studying material in order to play with their friends later, without really grasping the notions that needed to be learned.

Therefore, it is straightforward to understand why our team thinks gaming should be a fundamental part of our learning toolkit. Games introduce a challenging factor that can improve our focus and attention span on any subject, even the most boring ones. This is true regardless of your age, do not think that adults cannot benefit from a naive memory game!

3 Reasons To Use Games For Your Study


Help Your Memory

Our brain is an extremely powerful tool, but it needs to be trained and cannot be overloaded. Traditional studying techniques have a tendency to put an excessive load on our memory (for example when a student highlights too many parts in a book chapter), the use of short game sessions tests your knowledge without putting too much stress on your brain.


 Challenge Yourself

The introduction of a challenging factor in the learning process helps motivate our brain to assimilate and retain a certain piece of information.


Personalise You Learning

We will never be tired to repeat it, learning needs to be active, it cannot be a passive process. Studying is not just about listening to long and deep explanations, this is not how our brain works since we are not recording machines. We need to make each concept as it if were ours, our brain needs to “digest” it and elaborate on it! Games To Help You Study

Online School Games

Studying at home is becoming increasingly popular. With this shift, the topic of coming up with new learning techniques has never been so popular. Upload your lesson record file to, make notes summary, and study efficiently.

Vocabulary Study Games 

Building a vocabulary is hard, from primary school to GRE tests. Just imagine, suppose you need to learn 600 words for your GCSE exam, if you learn 15 words per day, in 40 days you will be ready to take the exam! Use our flashcards to make your own words memory cards!

Free Study Games

We all know that studying can be expensive. is against this concept and supports learning for everyone. Try our free access in the Game Arena and enjoy a whole new world for studying online.

Flashcard Games To Help Your Memory! 

Your memory is a powerful engine, it needs to be trained and, sometimes, you may find it useful to trick it into having more interest on a certain topic. A great technique to do that is to add a gaming component to the whole process! 

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