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Learning Games, Gamify Your Revision Methods

Let us be honest: we all wish to find a fun way to go through tedious subjects. If you want to find a good way to optimise your exam learning management, online learning educational game can be a great helper.

Follow us and you will learn all the benefits of this innovative learning technique. Our digital games function helps you internalise difficult ideas by putting them into your own words, finding relevant visualised pictures to illustrate, and can help you be more focused during exam revision. Use the online game function to manage all your classes efficiently!

5 Reasons why students should play online games for learning purposes

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Embrace innovative learning

Using educational technology, aims to replace the old passive studying techniques and embrace the future of learning!’s student learning games are suitable for students in grades 1 to 12, and the university. 


Reason 3 – Keep the focus

A passive learning methodology will hardly ever be effective, students need to feel involved to absorb key points from lessons and do well in exams. And what is the best way to catch somebody’s attention, if not an interactive study game?


Personalised learning game

Learning in class can be chaotic since different students have different necessities. It only takes minutes to create a learning flashcard game on any topic, in any language. Each user can create a variety of subjects and lessons and play the game to test their personalised learning progress.


Reason 4 – Play everywhere, anytime is at your disposal 24/7, you can play on your laptop late at night or on your smartphone while taking breakfast, why should we put limits to the learning time and locations?

Some Game Learning tips from our team


Prepare well

“I have always had troubles at summarising content, but let me say this: is exactly what I needed in my daily routine to prepare for an exam in the best way possible, the flashcards feature is just a must-have in my learning tool!”


Play frequently

“The secret to success is persistence, so I frequently take quizzes in ClassMaster’s Game Arena. And trust me, ever since I have started this web-based game, my exam results have seriously improved!”


Select vivid pictures

“I find it impressive to see how much my memory can be boosted by the simple use of pictures and images on flashcards. has a great picture research feature when making flashcards and now I cannot just learn anything without them!”


Play together

“Guess what? It turns out that learning can be an immersive fun experience not only for individuals but for a group of people! I often play with my classmates on ClassMaster’s Game Arena, a great way to mix fun and learning!”

The perfect tool for everyone!


Many studies say that playing games is a crucial factor for the child’s development, not to mention the aspects of mental and emotional growth. Every parent wants his or her child to be the most talented and successful one, so many of them tend to exaggerate with all these hard early-development programmes that promise to create new little geniuses. Keep calm, usually, this initiative is useless or even dangerous for the mental health of the child. Education is an important part of our life, but speaking about children we have to remember that the best way to teach them is to give them playing freedom. With the help of some simple games (puzzle games, role games, logic games etc.) a child (not only toddlers but even teens!) explores this world, takes different challenges and gains important experiences. is a great tool that helps parents to make studying a fun activity through its Game Arena. For example, with its flashcards, you can improve your child’s language skills and conversational abilities using the memory games method. 


Modern students have all they need for a successful education: Internet sources, tools, books, they can have feedback and recommendations for every idea they have… with all these possibilities and opportunities we are supposed to have thousands of professionals in each economic sector. But our world is faced with a big problem: many students cannot study in an effective way and cannot remember useful information. It seems like a small problem, but its social cost is very high. As a result, we have low-qualified professionals that, sometimes, cannot even work in the chosen field. Can you imagine a doctor who spent all his/her academic years by googling anatomy instead of actually studying it? 

Surprisingly, the game method works not only for children but for every person who wants to improve his/her skill levels. Quiz and mini – games with questions can help to put the necessary information into the long-term memory without painful (and useless) cramming. is one of the best virtual training tools that you can find on the Internet. Many online learning games are dedicated to children. Our project was created in order to be useful for everyone in many situations: from Math class in elementary school to management exams in the Master’s Degree.



Nowadays we cannot live without digital tools, so one of the goals for a modern teacher is to merge educational games with the computer or smartphone approaches. As we already mentioned, playing games is an important part of children growth and a great tool for studying new information. A teacher (or professor) has this great possibility to give suitable and easy-remembering information to his/her students through interactive games and online resources. Internet proposes tons of different educational video games, but, usually, for this purpose, it is better to use the simplest one. 

The Game Arena on is a good choice, one of the most elegant smartphone- or browser-based learning games. It is a simple flashcard game, which you can adapt to the program of your lesson and create some sort of game with questions or memory games in order to repeat all the information with your students. It is much more efficient than the classical reading of a student-book!

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