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Take Notes with

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small notes area in order to replicate what the teacher is explaining during a difficult class? Use the online notes function to manage all your classes! gives you access to a user-friendly private board in order to write erase edit all your notes.

We know it very well: the harder the class, the easier it is to mistake topics. Our app gives you the possibility to make distinct flashcard sets for each area of study. In this way, whenever you know that you need to update notes, it will only take seconds!


5 Reasons to use an App to take notes brings you a study revolution, here are few reasons why you should give our app a try:


Enjoy your class

With you can just press record and focus on your teacher during the class. Go through the explanations at home and enjoy the priceless time with your professors.


Take quick notes on your board

If teachers find it useful to use a board to make a topic clear, why wouldn’t you do the same? Try our great board feature!


And have fun

Do not forget to test yourself in our game arena, where fun is guaranteed!


Manage all your classes

Create distinct flashcard sets for each topic that you need to revise and never mistake your subjects!


Personalise your notes

Personalise your flashcards by adding images from our database or from your PC/smartphone!

Some note-taking tips from our team


Listen to audio recording

Audio recording can mainly help you with two parts. On one hand, it is an easy way for you to record or upload your lesson recordings. You can take notes and make quiz flashcard while you review the lessons! On the other hand, most languages exams include a listening testing part, with you can work on this!


Noting down

Noting down notions on our board can be useful in order to recall complex concepts explained by a professor! Simply just use our notes function!


And have fun

Do not forget to test yourself in our game arena, where fun is guaranteed!


Use mark-up functions

Edit the style of your notes to highlight the notes make them look great and facilitate the job for your memory!


Repeat, repeat and repeat

From a language exam to a hard mathematical test: use all our features to become a straight-A student! Play the flashcard games a couple of times during the day. Quiz yourself! After practice, you will never be worried about taking exams!

Master all your classes

It is finally time to get your hands dirty and discover all the wonderful features of!

Flashcard Sets: Make your own personalised flashcard set for each topic you need to revise. Organise the key points and make tailored flashcards quiz for yourself!

Your notes: Use our notes function in order to replicate the professor’s reasoning or make up your own.

Study Wherever You Are: At home, at work, while waiting for your turn at the post office, take always with you!

Modern Technology: We offer the newest technology, from cloud storage to voice recognition for the ultimate learning experience!

Audio Experience: Record your class or upload your own audio file in order to optimise your time with your teacher.

The Images You Need For Your Flashcards: Go through our image database in order to personalise your flashcards. You can even upload your photos!

Product Updates: At we care about our users, this is why the whole system is subject to constant review & updates.

Prepare For Any Exam: GCSE, GRE, IELTS, SAT and many others: do not put any limit to the exam you want to revise on!

Test Yourself In The Game Arena: Who said that learning cannot be entertaining? Test your memory through our flashcard quiz and have fun!

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