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Record Your Study

We live in a modern world, we are sure that, even if you have never actually recorded any class, you must have seen several people do that. Have you ever wondered, however, what is the tool for recording academy purposes? has collected a series of science-backed facts on the matter of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of learning. The best revision techniques are those that do not simply rely on the short-term memory, we need to store relevant information in our long-term biological storage. As they used to say in Latin, repetita iuvant: repeating always helps!

Our team has focused on the main guidelines on the topic, follow our advice in order to get the best out of!

Four Secrets Of Effective Learning


Understand what kind of learner you are

If you find it hard to learn something, chances are that you are simply doing it wrong. It’s not you, it’s the system! Maybe reading long texts on a book is just not for you, try to focus on shorter passages and to make visual flashcards on our app.


Study with a friend

Get together with a friend or classmate, explain things to each other and ask each other some questions.


The right environment

You cannot simply study everywhere. Sometimes your bedroom has too many distractions, you think you are not focusing on them, but your brain knows exactly where they are. Try to find a simple environment where the most interesting thing for your eyes and brain is the material you are studying.


Make a balance

If you have studied and revised constantly over the year, you will not need to make a huge rush the night before the exam. Balance your social life with your learning needs, your brain needs a break sometimes, we are human!

Work & Study Recording Techniques

Rewind and adjust the speed playback

How did you memorise all the lyrics of the song that you like? You definitely played many times. Then use the rewind function to apply to study as well. 

Adjusting the speed playback helps give you more control over their learning experiences. Specifically, you can speed through material you already know or slow down the video playback to get a better understanding of more challenging concepts.

Explain the concepts yourself

You cannot say that you are an actual expert in the field until you are able to explain this to someone else. Give it a try, find a friend or relative who is willing to listen to you for 10-15 minutes and try to explain the main concepts you need to learn for your exam. That is quite effective, isn’t it? But what about those times when you are alone and cannot find anyone else for your explanation? Well, our experts strongly recommend to press record on our app, close your eyes and visualise anyone you want in your head while you explain all the concepts you are revising. You can even listen to the whole explanation in order to evaluate yourself and check whether there are missing points!

Take notes

Never forget the primary goal of, which is to improve your learning experience by taking better notes. Do not simply listen to your recordings in a passive way, answer each question you hear in the recording, take down notes on everything you consider to be relevant.

Play flashcard games

The recording is a great feature, but our team believes in the ensemble effect. Do not focus only on recording and listening, keep your brain awake by alternating this technique to the other great features of our app! Try for example to listen to 3-4 short recordings and design quiz for your self by using our flashcard function. Have a round or two in our Game Arena, this is a great way to keep all the useful concepts in the long-term memory area of our brain!

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