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Online Language Learning

In a globalised world, it is becoming increasingly fundamental to have few foreign languages on your CV. Do not oversell yourself, make sure that you actually master each of the foreign languages you claim to speak, let help you in the process!

Make flashcards about hard English irregular verbs, record the correct way of saying a word from your Japanese teacher and add a short Spanish conversation audio file that a classmate sent you, will assist you in every step of the way.

Literacy Games To Try At Home

Online Language Games 

A black and white page on a book will never be an effective way to learn a certain aspect of a foreign language. At we introduced a revolution in the learning process, just think: add pictures, audio files, a technology that allows you to access your notes anywhere at any time and, most of all, a challenging game to test your memory… et voilà! Welcome to, the most effective memory-boosting app you will find online.

Literacy Games For Elementary Students

The first thing kids are required to learn at school is literacy. Each kid learns how to express a concept in both a spoken and a written way, but teachers should not make the mistake to lose kids’ interest while explaining hard-to-grasp concepts. Have you ever tried teaching a kid how to write a word by playing a game? Try to make kids compete to remember the synonyms of a certain word, you will be impressed by the high interest of kids even on boring grammatical sentences.

Literacy Games For Kids

How literacy games help kids learn their languages? It is fundamental for kids to master the basic rules of their native language because chances are that they will hardly ever find the time to learn how to do that later in life. As a parent, this is probably one of many priorities, so do not just rely on a teacher to do that, assist your child along this delicate process with Create relevant flashcard sets and play with your kids, it will be fun and the results are guaranteed! Additionally, kids often find it hard to focus on particular concepts for a long time. This is not a problem of your kid, nor is a matter of how boring it is, it turns out the matter is really about the learning setting where we find ourselves. Try to make a fun set of flashcards with colourful pictures from database in order to summarise a certain topic, you will be shocked by how fast your kid will learn the same notions he or she used to struggle to memorise!

Online Literacy Games

Reading and writing is a fundamental skill that you may want to master in a foreign language. Regardless of your age, from young kids to senior citizens, online games can help boost our understanding of expressions by giving them a context and adding a fun challenging feature.

Games For English Learners 

Learning English is a vital step in your educational and professional path and, yet, many people struggle with it. By using you will be able to memorise irregular verbs at a much faster pace, you will train your ear with authentic audio files from native speakers and will be able to test yourself in the Game Arena that our team built for you! Trust us, by adding a certain degree of competition to the whole process you will see the results of this new learning technique in a few days, it will be really hard to forget what you learned!

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