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Recording And Taking Notes To Optimise Your Study

The main purpose of recording a lecture is to help a student take down notes and review all the key points discussed in class.

This being said, we each have our own way to benefit from this technique! Some students tend to avoid taking notes in class in order to do it later at home while listening to the recording, others may prefer do take down some notes on the core study materials while recording, and some students may decide to note down everything and record only the most important passages of a lecture.

If you are one of them, the recording feature can be a vital component in your note-taking process and help optimise your study result!

How do people usually use recording and take study notes?

The recording is an important feature for studying your notes, you can record the whole lecture or only highlights of the lectures, choose your style and make sure you add this strategy to your toolbox!

Let us remind you of four important recording techniques to get the best out of your recording experience:

1. Do not sit down too far from the lecturer

2. Make sure your devices are charged enough for the recording

3. Do a recording test before the lecturer

4. Do not wait too long in order to transcribe the recording

Tips When Using Recording at

What Recording devices Should I use?

From smartphones to laptops… and even tablets!

Nowadays you can record your lectures with your favourite device and do not even need to pay a fortune in order to afford one!

Optimise Your learning Process

The recording feature of should become your best study mate. While we recommend you not to overdo it, you should really take the habit of recording at least the main passages of a lecture. Most importantly, think about moving the important notions you have stored in the short-term memory to the long-term one. Research and focus on the key terms of the class with the aim of understanding their context and location in the whole topic.

Repeat it!

Repeating gives your brain the chance to familiarise itself with the notions you need to learn, but it’s only through critical reasoning that we achieve a full understanding of a concept and, therefore, we make it possible for our memory to access the information any time we want.

Good luck with your study journey! Try to boost your leaning outcome today!

How does help me record?

Open the app on your favourite device, navigate through the recording section, select the new recording function and press the record button, it’s that easy! Afterwards, make sure you do not wait for too long before you transcribe the main notions you have recorded in your notes. A good extra piece of advice that we may give you is to consider turning your notes into beautiful flashcards.

Our Memory Is Powerful

While our brain is an extremely powerful machine, we all need to understand that our memory is not limitless, but it can be trained in order to be pushed to the limit. For most of us, listening new concept only once is not enough to store the information into the long-term memory, so how can we help our brain facilitate the process? Focus on these two keywords: repeat and understand.

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