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Best Way Using Recording App

Have you ever wished you could recreate the class in your memory in order to understand a complex passage in your notes in a better way? Or what about that good question that your classmate asked your professor before the end of the lecture? Can you remember it only by reading your notes?

Recording your lecture may be the key factor to ace your exam, do not underestimate this technique!

Study Notes Recording App Q&A

You can record your notes straight onto your computer or to an external device, such as a digital recorder, MP3 recorder, iPod or mobile phone. If you are a student, you may have used – at least occasionally – a few of the many apps available on the market in order to record a part of your lectures. However, because of the lack of time we all have during busy days, students may have the tendency to overlook privacy policies and copyright issues on the matter, leading to potentially unpleasant and controversial situations.

Question: Are students permitted to audio record lectures? Do you need any permission from a professor to do that?


Answer: The matter is not extremely clear. In general, we can say that the college owns the copyright for each lecture, and you should always keep in mind that your notes and recordings must be intended as only for your personal studying purpose. In other words, do not even think of sharing this file with anyone within and without the class, keep your recordings to yourself. Always make sure to get the consent of the teacher before hitting the “Record” button.
Also, while in general, a professor may prohibit the recording of his or her lecture, this cannot apply to cases of documented learning disabilities, or if a student has earing issues or with an approved ADA accommodation (see Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973).

Question: Can I use my phone to record a lecture?

Answer: Of course, you can! The average smartphone on the market offers great audio quality. Most of them have built-in functionality for recordings, and, in any case, you can always rely on great apps that you can easily download.

Question: How to record a lecture in high-quality?

Answer: In the following section, our team explains some key factors in order to have the best audio quality during your recording in class!

Tips for recording your class


Charge your device

The night before the class, make sure that your device is charged by morning. Another good habit may be to carry around a power bank in case of emergencies


Do not make sound close to your microphone

You may forget this, but you are sitting very close to the microphone, so even a short exchange with your classmates may disturb the recording, pay attention to that and try to avoid useless noise.


Find the best spot

Some professors like to sit down through the whole lecture, others love walking around. Try to understand what your teacher likes to do and sit down accordingly in order to have the best audio quality!

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