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Create Flashcards Online

With you can make flashcards online for every course you want: from Maths to Spanish!
Create flashcards with text, images and audio.
Organise your flashcards by different subjects and, once this is done, make sure you often test yourself with our quiz feature within the Game Arena.

Online Flashcards Proven to Work

Flashcards proven to work: Did you know that flashcards are one of the most efficient way to remember and a key revision method? An academic study by Prof. Dunlovsky from Kent State University went through various study methods to find the most efficient one. Flashcard revision was ranked highly when used properly. 

Flashcards online benefits:

  1. Always accessible – on multiple platforms. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to sit in front of your laptop for hours in order to revise your lessons. gives you a great possibility: you can use it anywhere thanks to the cloud technology and on any device. Also, since the whole system is online, you can stop revising any time you want and pick up where you left off.

  2. Test yourself in our Game Arena. You can test yourself through a quiz on a lesson by lesson basis to make sure you mastered them. But when exams are near you can test your knowledge across all classes. 

Create Flashcards Online with

Creating flashcards on is quick and easy. Their main benefit is that you always have them in your pocket: no more tons of paper! Exciting, isn’t it? Our flashcards have a great design, their system is user-friendly and you can start and stop using them whenever you want!


Set up an account

Setting up a free account with will only take seconds! We offer you an extremely secure access system, you can even use your Google account for maximum security.


 Record a Lesson

Do not miss any word of your professor: with you can record every lesson. The time with your teacher is irreplaceable for understanding. So, enjoy the lesson and worry about revision after the class.


Create a class

Flashcards can be created through the classic typing process, or you may decide to take advantage of more modern technological features, with the upload and research of relevant pictures and the recording of audio files.


Step 4: Create a flashcard!

Start creating your flashcards as you break out your lesson into key points to learn. You can create flashcards with images, text or audio. And once created you can test yourself in the Game arena

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