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How to Take Notes?

Taking notes is a vital part of a student’s life. Whenever we find ourselves trying to memorize concepts, details and keywords, we may face many struggles.

In order to overcome all the obstacles, we need to learn how to learn. aims at offering all the needed tools to improve learning techniques among students through a science-backed methodology. We are turning good academic notions into practice.


How to take notes effectively?

Taking Notes At University

Students at university face common issues such as an overload of different subjects, limited time to prepare all the exams and rigid timetables. has an ambitious goal to help University students by letting any user create distinct areas of study on its app and maximise the revision time through the possibility to learn anywhere at any time.

Taking Notes During A Lecture

Taking good notes is an art that very few know how to master. How can you listen carefully to your teacher and take good notes at the same time? Use our app in order to record the lecture and focus on the professor, and feel free to open our board to note down interesting concepts that you will develop later.

Taking Notes – Some Tips From Our Team


Be Creative

Write down notes on our board, edit all you write in order to make it look as clear as possible!


Don’t Overdo It

Highlighting and writing too much can overload your brain with information, do not write too much!


Don’t Omit Relevant Information

When taking notes, always ask yourself: “Can I take this out of my notes?”, try to avoid omitting important passages.


Review it regularly

The keyword here is persistence. The No.1 rule to success is never giving up, you need to keep on reviewing your notes so that you can strengthen your memory if you want your new knowledge to really sink in.

The Best Digital Note Taking Method lets you bring the traditional methods used to take notes to a whole new level thanks to the best note taking app around! Follow the key pieces of advice from our team in order to ace all your exams!


Digital Cornell Method gives you all the tools you need to help you take real-time digital notes and make beautiful flashcard sets later: welcome to the digital Cornell Method! The building of your whole classroom experience is centralized around the process of flashcard creation, with the guarantee of mastering each class as you go thanks to the link between an idea and its corresponding image. This setting makes it really easy to organise yourself and maximise your learning experience, with an evident positive influence on your exam results.


Visualise Your Cue Words

Our in-app searching function can help users find relevant pictures that can work as a memory aid when revising. Quickly recall all the information with this visual strategy. This is one of the many reasons why is the best option you can find in order to learn how to learn!


Use Our Mark Up Functions

Do you want to edit your notes after the class? With our digital note taking app, users can do anything you want, from layout editing to highlighting, this will help your brain when you will have to remember all these key points!


Use Flashcards To Help Memory

When you’re done with the process of digital note taking, you will find it useful to turn the text into visual flashcards. Our brain needs to connect each concept to one image in order to retain everything. Make all the card sets you to need and test your memory in the Game Arena!

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