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Online Fun Learning Games

Each of us, regardless of our age, may have difficulties while learning. Sometimes the subject is too boring for us, we may have had a full day and feel too tired to revise or we could simply find a subject too hard to remember.

Whatever our issues are, is here to help! With its user-friendly design and its innovative technology, aims at becoming a game-changer in the field of online learning. We want to make learning fun, visit our Game Arena and start playing, you will be shocked by how much your memory will be boosted!

Use Study Game To Learn Efficiently

Researchers around the world have a clear message for you: studying has to be fun in order to be effective. Evidence from CIP&T and Hebron University (just to name few of them, the list would go on and on) proves that memory works much better after playing games, and this is true for any age group, from toddlers to adults!

Our team at develops our Game Arena, where everyone can play in order to help remember anything, from hard words in order to work on a foreign language vocabulary to complex mathematical concepts, give it a try!

Vocabulary Study Games

Vocabulary revision can be tricky. When learning new words, especially in a foreign language, each student may struggle with memorising the correct spelling and pronunciation. So why not combining a fun game with colourful flashcards that use concept association in order to boost your memory performance?

Foreign Language Learning Games

Each foreign language has its own difficulties: from English irregular verbs to Chinese ideograms. Try to test yourself by associating funny shapes to Japanese Kanji, or try to list all the different ways to say “run” in Russian (we counted more than 100!), challenge yourself and other students, use a fun technique to learn!

Math Study Games

Math can be complex. A simple game based on compensation for each correct answer can improve our brain results in surprising ways. Do you need to learn how to compute the area of a circle? Why not turn the whole thing into a game points challenge among students to elect the “Master of Mathematics”?

Learning Numbers

It is fundamental to teach mathematics to young kids but, due to their usually low attention span, this may be challenging. Try to turn the whole thing into a competition in the family, who can guess first what number is equal to 11 times 7? Use tricky enigmas to force kids to test their understanding of the topic.

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