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Advance Online Flashcards

Looking for an online flashcards creator?
Try flashcards and study games to help you

Flashcards have been inside the basic learner’s tool kit ever since there were pens and sheets of paper to make them. But as technology moves on we can imagine new ways of using them, for example by making our own online flashcards.

Let us give you a review on how online flashcard maker can improve your learning process and follow our top tips to get the best out of them!

Why do flashcards work?

Science proves it

If you have had any experience with taking lecture notes, then you must be familiar with highlighting keywords that are relevant to your studies. However, Professor Dunlovsky at Kent State University (Ohio, US) found out that this technique, together with other old-fashioned ones, does not help you remember the notion you are trying to learn over time.

The reserach team claims that other techniques should be used, such as explaining points and facts in a Q&A format, dedicating and allotting time for the study of each specific area of the material and testing one’s knowledge through the use of flashcards.

The research proposes a list of methodologies that are more effective compared to the classical ones. Our team at has made it our mission to build an app based on these revolutionary techniques.

Why use online flashcards?

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Goodbye paper

When thinking about creating your dozens of flashcards there is a range of options. From creating them with pen and paper to modern apps. While the former will still be effective, no matter how old-fashioned it is, the latter opens new possibilities in terms of learning.

Making paper flashcards is a time-consuming exercise that, in the end, will be more oriented on the textual part rather than on the visual one. Also, using a standard set of supplied flashcards will likely not fit the personal ways students learn


Use images to help your memory

Our brains work through the process of image association, so why not exploiting this opportunity to learn faster? Add a picture to each of your flashcards by adding one from your personal gallery or, if you prefer, go through our database and select the picture that fits your card!


Save time

Forget about spending hours writing millions of flashcards, with you only need to move your thumb on your smartphone! It would take you hours to complete a decent flashcard paper set, but do you know how many online cards you can make in less than 5 minutes on our flashcard maker app? Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Reason 4 – Make learning into a game

Who said that learning cannot be fun? Go to our Game Arena and test yourself on our flashcard quiz! Our brain needs to be challenged in order to make learning more interesting and, as a consequence, more effective. This is a simple, yet powerful, technique and we promise that you will enjoy its effectiveness on the day of the exam!

Flashcards with Classmaster: A Quick and Easy Guide

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Make it short

No matter how powerful, human brain has a memory limit. Do not try to overdo it by writing too much on a flashcard, stick yourself to the main concepts.


Master small sets first

Don’t try and remember everything in one go. Break your learning up into classes and natural smaller sets. Learn the topic not just trying to memorize.


Record and revise

Don’t waste precious time in class by taking notes, press record and listen carefully to your teacher. You’ll have time in order to think about your notes at home


Revise and play often

Playing the flashcard game once isn’t going to sink in. You should aim to keep on play at least serval times. Till you have confirmed your brain has moved the info from temporary memory to your hard drive.

Study Everywhere You Want will be with you anywhere you go. On your laptop at the bar, on your phone in the tube, there are no restrictions. Revise your old flashcard sets while taking a coffee at the bar, make some cool new ones in the library or test yourself in our Game Arena while commuting in the tube, technology puts no limits to learning! Open on your browser or download this flashcard app on Play Store and repeat every subject and theme you have to study!

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