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Play Flashcard Game

In order to enhance the user experience on, we have introduced a quiz game where you can test your memory, and it is right in the app.

Once you have created enough flashcards, it will be time to revise them, and what better way to do this than playing a memory game? The app will give you a series of flashcards facing down and it will be up to you to say what is written on the other face. It is a funny and easy way to repeat and remember notions! 

Everyone can play this game, from children to adults, and you can easily edit the number of flashcards in the quiz! Try it Now.

A Flashcard Game For Studying Online 

There are no limits to the subject that can be studied on, from English irregular verbs to mathematical theorems. The reason why is so efficient is that, unlike traditional studying methods (such as cramming and text highlighting), it stimulated a different area of the brain by using visual and audio content.  The flashcard methodology will help you store information in your long-term memory, this will be useful even after your exams. 

Why use online flashcard games?


Fun Game on the go

Get ready for some fun with our memory-oriented game!


The correct answer is easy to find

Have you ever felt the frustration of not knowing an answer? With this will not happen to you: just turn the flashcard and find the right answer at once.


Game time under your control

Sometimes you do not have time to play for hours, this is why gives you the possibility to do it as long as you want and adjust your playtime based on your schedule. And don’t forget: you can play anywhere you want!



Are you a parent? How many times have you played a flashcard game with your children? Imagine a world where they can play and study at the same time, wouldn’t it be great? With this is exactly what will happen!

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