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Best Flashcard App

Are you looking for the best Flashcard App online? Well, look no further: you have found it with
With all your worked being save to the cloud and game based learning base on your own cards. Give your flashcards the extra features with

What makes the best flashcard app online?

There are lots of elements that need to be taken into account when it comes to choosing the best online flashcard tool. experts thought long and hard about these, the result was a pioneer app with the following top-quality features:


Integrated Learning Experience

The building of your whole classroom experience is centralized around the process of flashcard creation, with the guarantee of mastering each class as you go. This setting makes it really easy to organise yourself and maximise your learning experience, with an evident positive influence on your exam results.


Learning By Playing 

Once the flashcards have been created, you can test your memory in our Game Arena through a challenging quiz game. This method is proven to be effective by research, the introduction of a competitive factor in the process can boost your long term memory.



Flashcards can be created through the classic typing process, or you may decide to take advantage of more modern technological features, with the upload and research of relevant pictures and the recording of audio files.


On Device | On Cloud

The Cloud technology makes it possible to access your class material anytime you want whichever your location is. Forget about carrying around tons of paper for all your notes, gives you a new technological experience, study wherever you are whenever you want!

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